Princess Awards Rules

Rules & Terms Rules of Entry

  • Participants in the Princess Awards 2018 must be eighteen years of age as a minimum.

  • There are monthly prizes and yearly prizes.

  • “PRINCESS ALWAYS WINS” is the monthly prize for all participants.

  • When you register and open a free Princess Awards Fund, fans vote and every vote is equal to $1.

  • These “Votes” accumulate in your Princess Awards Fund over the course of the particular month.

  • On the first of every month a percentage of those funds are paid to your PayPal account.

  • The percentage paid is 60% of your Princess Awards Fund earnings.

  • Example 1: If your Princess Awards Fund has earned $1000.00 for that month, you will receive a payment of $600.00.

  • Example 2: If your Princess Awards Fund has received $10,000.00 for that month, you will receive $6000.00.

  • The funds are a 60/40 split.

  • This is why, “Princess Always Wins” every month.

  • Next, there are the end of year prizes for the “Princess Awards Final.”

  • The Princess Awards final voting will stop on December 31, 2018

  • The participant who has achieved the highest votes accumulated over the duration of 2018 will be crowned Royal Princess of the Year 2018.

  • The winner will also receive a package of prizes valued at $30,000.00

  • There are also prizes for second and third place.

  • IMPORTANT: When uploading your images please note pornographic material is not permitted at any stage. Princess Awards are a classy awards. All pornographic images uploaded or text or any pornographic content will ensure that content is not published. Those violating these rules will be banned and will not be able to participate in the Princess Awards.

  • These rules of entry can be modified or altered at any time and we reserve the right to refuse entry to participants who violate these rules of entry our terms.

  • We want you to promote your Princess Awards Fund and entry in the Princess Awards and prosper.

  • You can nominate yourself and enter the contest.

  • Someone can nominate you and enter you in the awards.

  • If you have been nominated by someone other than you and you wish to not be included then contact us and we will be happy to remove your nomination for you however doing so will also ensure that you will not earn any monies from any votes that your Princess Awards Fund could accumulate.

  • If you’re unsure about our simple terms and rules or have any questions email us and we will be happy to respond within 24 hours.


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