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Don’t let the rush of life take you away from these precious moments. Our paths have crossed for a reason. There is a reason behind everything. You didn’t just find my page by chance. This is a moment where you can contribute to my campaign by giving me your votes and together we will write history. Vote for me daily, vote for me every hour, every day. Do a great job with your voting and hopefuly we can get to know eachother more.


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Miami, United States (US)
One of the reasons I love Princess Awards is the fact although there is an overall winner in December 2018 that will be chosen from the highest earnings, all of the girls on here win every month as well. Your votes and contributions towards my campaign earn me important sum of cash whioch enables me to continue living my princess lifestyle and ensures I don’t have hardship. It also ensures that I can do what I want, when I want and buy what I want, when I want. Shopping is my best friend, ‘one of them.’ This is your chance to become my best friend too.  
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