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I enjoy environments that stimulate the senses and partying at a hot club dancing the night away stimulates me greatly.

Honesty and open communication is important.  I greatly am seeking your votes here. I would love to win this title but even so every vote you give me ensures I win at the Princess Awards. So what are you waiting for?

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London, United Kingdom (UK)
I’m ambitious, creative and love the arts. I would consider myself to be adventurous, somewhat vivacious. I am thankful for my ambition, drive, motivation and resilience. I live with passion and purpose and always with my personal goals in mind. I can thankfully say I do not regret very much in life. I am interested in art (all forms), philosophy, gadgets/ technology, ancient civilizations/ classical antiquity, current affairs & personal development. I am a visual person and drawn to most things that are aesthetically pleasing. That being said, I wouldn’t describe myself as a materialistic person. I enjoy experiencing new things, and typically try to go to new & fresh places to experience new adventures and create lasting memories.
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