Grow, Expand, Thrive


There’s nothing more empowering than coming to the realization that you can have, do and be anything you want!

The problem for most people is they don’t believe it is possible for them.

The old adage “seek and ye shall find” remains as true as ever. If you look for proof that achieving big goals, big dreams and living a life of excitement and success is possible… you will find it.

And if you look for proof that life is difficult, big goals are impossible to achieve and success is reserved only for a select few… well you are certain to find that as well.

You are going to realize that not only is success possible for you, it is inevitable. An exciting future awaits you. But you have to name it and claim it. Your journey begins now.

Getting Clear

To do this correctly, please take 15 minutes and go purchase a special notebook you can use to work through this. Something cheap and simple will do. But the notebook should be dedicated to this only.

Old school paper and pen may very well change your life forever!

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Knowing exactly how your life is working right now will:

  1. a) Allow you to appreciate what you are doing well and feel successful.
  2. b) Allow you to be motivated by the things you are unsatisfied with.

You need to know exactly where you are today at all levels of life.  Take some time now, to write down:

What are you happy with, what are you unsatisfied with in terms of…

  • health
  • relationships
  • money
  • work
  • passion/energy

For the results you are happy with, write down why you are happy.

For the results you are unhappy with, write down why you are unhappy.

You can use the new notebook mentioned earlier.



Using the your book you filled out, go back and write down exactly how you want each area of your life to look if there were no limits.

If you were as powerful and resourceful as you wanted to be, how would the following look?

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Money
  • Work
  • Passion/energy


What determines your level of power and resourcefulness?



It’s entirely up to you. You can both embrace all of your power and see what you are really made of, OR you can put a limit on your thinking and actions and continue to produce results you are unhappy with.

You can use your notebook to write down.



We all know the power of a deadline. In Robert Greene’s book “The 50th Law”, he talks about what happens when we face extreme deadlines…

“We have all had moments of a harsh deadline where you face real pressure to deliver. What happens is our minds snap to attention. We find the necessary energy because we have to. We pay attention to the details that normally elude us because they might spell the difference between success and failure, life and death. We are surprised at how inventive we become. These moments show us mental power that is generally untapped. In only we could have this every day”.

The good news is you can create situations where you face a harsh deadline and you force yourself to tap into this resourceful side of yourself!

Your assignment today is to pick a single action that will drastically propel you forward towards one of your major objectives.

Make it something you can achieve in 7 days or less.

Publicly commit to doing it by posting it on Facebook or telling friends and family your intentions. Make sure you are locked in and give yourself no way out.


Use to template below to help accomplish this…

Circle Area of Life You Will Attack First:


Health       Relationships       Money       Work       Passion/Energy


Write Down A Single Action You Will Commit to:



Specific Due Date:  ________________________________


Have You Made Yourself Accountable By Telling Friends or Posting on Social Media? (circle)   


Yes            No



Thinking back, you wrote down all of your highest visions of how you wanted your life to look if anything were possible.

You acknowledge that the reason you want these things is because you are unsatisfied by the results you are currently getting.

You are in a great position because you now know…

  1. a) Where you are, and
  2. b) Where you truly want to be for each area of life

In order to start making real change in each area, you need to develop a plan.

Now obviously this isn’t rocket science. But here’s the problem… plans very often fail. And if you blindly write a plan to correct problems you have been perpetuating for years, you already know what is going to happen (that’s right… nothing!).

Your assignment today is to identify your “guiding lights”.

For each area of life you want to change, you are going to seek out people who you can follow, watch, observe and model. These are people who are already getting the results you want at each area of life.

Go ahead and fill in your guiding lights for each of the following…

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Money
  • Work
  • Passion/energy

Use your notebook, or the table for this exercise.


  Your Guiding Lights



Momentum is a powerful force in nature. You see it manifested in both positive and negative ways. You can use the law of momentum to either harm you or to advance you in the direction of your goals.

Here’s the KEY…

If you commit to doing something for just 3 consecutive days, you have the beginnings of a powerful “momentum” force working in your favour!

Your assignment today is to choose 1 very small habit you can instill beginning today and executing for the next 3 days. A great example is dental floss. If you are not in the habit of flossing every single day, start by using the next 3 days to do so.

You can start by simply becoming aware of

  1. a) The momentum principle
  2. b) Your desire to implement the habit of flossing using the momentum principle

Just by that simple act, you are 90% of the way there!

Once you have committed to the habit for the 3 day window, you obviously must keep it going… but you already know that.

Your job now is to observe how your perceptions change during these 3 days. You are deliberately observing a change in behavior based on a habit you have chosen to create.


Write down how the momentum principle has impacted you.


NOW, you are ready to begin implementing new habits that move you towards your major goals and objectives.


The final step is to use your notebook to prioritize all of the changes you intend to make in your life.


Then, start with a single habit and put the momentum principle into play.


Choose One Small Habit Change That Can Help You Reach Your Goals:


After Committing to That Change for 3-Days, Reflect on How It Has Impacted You:



Use this process over and over again (to address each area of your life you want to improve) to grow and evolve into the person you truly want to be!

JD, Coach – Princess Awards.

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